Seamless STM Publishing through Streamlined Workflows and Enhanced Peer Review

December 7, 2023

Are you looking for cost-effective solutions to streamline the manuscript submission-to-publication workflow? In the dynamic landscape of STM publishing, where innovation, integrity, and sustainability are paramount, Nvcleus emerges as a cornerstone technology. Offering state-of-the-art tools and workflows, Nvcleus addresses the evolving needs of the industry. Whether streamlining book production or orchestrating seamless workflows for academic journals, Nvcleus presents itself as the definitive solution for the future of publishing.

Efficient Peer Review Management, Optimized Workflow, and Customizable Review Models

Nvcleus streamlines the peer review process, fostering seamless communication and feedback through a collaborative editorial experience that brings together authors, reviewers, and editors in real time. A unified dashboard simplifies multiple publishing activities and propels end-to-end activities, optimizing and enhancing the peer review management workflow with a modern, browser-based design. Supporting multiple review models—open, blind, or double blind—Nvcleus provides customizable review forms directly accessible from within the browser, allowing journals to adapt the process to their specific needs. Authors can track the progress of their submissions, and reviewers can provide feedback in a structured manner.

Single-Source Publishing for Consistency, Efficiency, and Enhanced Collaboration

Nvcleus champions single-source publishing, ensuring all stakeholders have access to the same manuscript throughout the entire process. This approach eliminates the need to manage documents across multiple systems, thereby reducing errors and enhancing the overall efficiency. It also prevents the kind of confusion that can stem from managing different versions of the same file with various stakeholders at their individual desktops and eliminates the need for supporting the various file formats passed on by different stakeholders. The centralized platform fosters enhanced collaboration among authors, reviewers, and editors, contributing to a more cohesive and streamlined publishing process.

Versioning Support and Cognitive Technology for Manuscript Management

With versioning support, Nvcleus allows controlled management of changes to a submission. This feature is crucial for tracking the evolution of a manuscript and maintaining a clear record of revisions. Additionally, Nvcleus leverages advanced machine learning algorithms for automated manuscript management, reducing manual effort and ensuring a more accurate and error-free process. Advanced machine learning algorithms distinguish Nvcleus by identifying errors and inconsistencies in manuscripts and enabling authors to rectify issues pre-submission. Nvcleus’s integration with PubMed and Crossref, coupled with Crossref reference validation, streamlines reference-related tasks, enhancing the overall publishing process.

Nvcleus in STM Publishing

As we navigate the themes of STM Week 2023—innovations, research integrity, and sustainability—let us explore how Nvcleus seamlessly aligns with these crucial areas. With features like push-button exports to PDF, JATS XML, HTML, Print PDF, and INDD XML, Nvcleus empowers its users with unparalleled convenience. Its user-friendly and collaborative interface fosters a seamless experience, while it being fully configurable and scalable ensures adaptability to diverse publishing requirements. Embrace the future with Nvcleus—where innovation meets efficiency in the pursuit of scholarly excellence.