Nvcleus Books is Powered by a Plethora of Features to Simplify Publishing

Our Features

Single Source Book Production: Redefining Efficiency

Authors, editors, production staff, and designers work seamlessly with a single html source file, eliminating the potential for errors and significantly accelerating the production timeline. With our single-source publishing approach, you can experience the epitome of efficiency and precision in book production.

User-Friendly UI for Template Creation and Export

Navigate our intuitive user interface to effortlessly create and utilize templates for book previews and exports. Develop templates tailored to specific books or opt for versatile options applicable to any project.

Effortless Push Button Publishing

We understand the importance of speed and convenience. Our platform incorporates push button publishing, enabling real-time typesetting and rapid transformation from written word to final output. With just a simple click, authors can generate author proofs, and final outputs are made available as soon as the work is completed. Say goodbye to long waiting times and embrace a streamlined publishing experience.

Unleash Your Creativity with Embedded Word Processor

Our platform is built around the clean and modern web-based word processor, Wax. With an extensive range of features such as track changes, Math support, footnotes, comments, complex tables, spelling and grammar correction service and more, Wax offers authors, copy editors, proofreaders, and other stakeholders an intuitive and powerful word processing experience.

Diverse Editorial Templates and Styling Options

Craft captivating content with a range of editorial templates and styling choices. From version control to access management, our platform provides you with the tools you need to create compelling publications.

Native Paged.js Support: Unparalleled Pagination Engine

Built by the team behind Paged.js, Nvcleus Books leverages the industry's leading paged media pagination engine natively within its platform. Enjoy the unparalleled quality and precision of Paged.js as you typeset your books, ensuring your content looks impeccable and professional.

Automated Typesetting for Effortless Export

Simplified typesetting and export process with automated functionalities. Export your content to popular formats like EPUB and PDF effortlessly. If you prefer to design your PDF in external software, Nvcleus Books also offers ICML export, allowing for seamless integration with design tools such as Adobe InDesign.

Chapterwise Print on Demand

Elevate author-publisher collaboration with chapterwise PDF download. Authors receive the initial proofs for completed chapters while others remain in progress, enabling swift feedback and refinement. Accelerate publication timelines, ensuring output quality stays uncompromised.

Intuitive Book Builder

Nvcleus offers tools for managing authors and reviewers, allowing publishers to effortlessly manage book contents, pagination, and workflow status through the book builder. Construct book structures by adding chapters, parts, and more, all under the relevant divisions, efficiently.

Open Source Solutions for Scalable Publishing

NvcleusBooks believes in the power of scalable and standards-based technology solutions. That's why we have partnered with the esteemed Coko Foundation to develop a comprehensive platform that caters to the entire publishing community. By leveraging open-source technologies, we ensure that our system remains adaptable, flexible, and capable of meeting the evolving needs of the publishing industry.

Standards Compliance for Peace of Mind

We prioritize industry standards to ensure the integrity and compatibility of your content. Our platform adheres to industry norms for storing, managing, and exporting your work, ensuring seamless integration with other systems and offering peace of mind.

Micro-services Architecture for Scalability

To ensure scalability and efficiency, Nvcleus Books adopts an extensive microservices architecture. This includes services like XSweet for .docx file uploads, EPUBchecker for EPUB validation, Paged.js for PDF typesetting, and ICML for exporting to Adobe-compatible formats.

Advanced Collaboration with Track Changes

NvcleusBooks empowers collaboration by providing advanced track changes functionality. Similar to other word processors, changes are color-coded and underlined, making it easy to navigate and review revisions. Different user roles can make, accept, and reject changes throughout various workflow phases. Preview your final document with all changes accepted, or hide suggestions for a polished outcome.

Efficient Archiving and Repurposing

Our scalable archiving options simplify content and asset management, allowing effortless repurposing for diverse publication platforms.

Seamless Print-on-Demand Support

Simplify the process of printing your books on demand. With a single click, you can typeset and download your book as a PDF. Our dedicated team is continuously working to enhance our print-on-demand support by integrating with popular suppliers, to ensure a seamless experience for you, from planning to physical book delivery.

Structure Your Books with Ease

Our intuitive planner allows you to determine the hierarchy of your book, build an outline, and add pedagogical elements. During the authoring stage, Nvcleus Books editor enables you to further enhance your content with additional pedagogical elements, by applying styles and blocks for semantic markup.

Effective Team Management

Assign roles to your production team seamlessly, enabling efficient collaboration between authors, editors, and production editors.

Seamless Asset Management

Effortlessly manage multimedia assets tied to your book using the asset manager. Whether accessed through the book builder or Wax editor, our platform ensures streamlined asset organization.

Interactive Dashboard

Our dashboard serves as your portal to the application. Monitor ongoing projects, create new books, and perform essential actions like renaming and archiving. Efficiently sort projects by title, status, or author.

Effortless MS Word Integration

We understand that many authors and teams work with Microsoft Word files. Nvcleus Books's simplifies the integration process by automatically ingesting MS Word files, whether a single document or a batch upload. Say goodbye to manual conversions and seamlessly transition your content into NvcleusBooks's ecosystem.

Intelligent Metadata Integration

Capture essential book metadata and seamlessly integrate it into output formats like PDF, eEPUB, and BITS XML.

Modular Framework for Flexibility

Nvcleus Books offers a modular framework easily integrated into existing systems, allowing scalability tailored to your unique publishing workflow needs.

All-in-One Web-Based Solution

Engage in authoring, styling, reviewing, commentary, editing, and typesetting – all within a single web browser.

Multi-format Export Options

With Nvcleus Books, export to PDF, EPUB, ICML, and BITS XML seamlessly from a single HTML source.