Comprehensive Academic Journal Publishing Platform

Our Features

Nvcleus is a comprehensive academic journal publishing platform that offers a wide range of automated features and functions to streamline and reduce costs in the publishing process.

Single-Source Publishing

All stakeholders are able to access the same manuscript during content creation (peer review, editing etc.) and production (copy editing, semantic tagging etc.). This prevents the need to track and control documents across multiple systems.

Cognitive Technology

Nvcleus uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify errors and inconsistencies in manuscripts, allowing authors to address them before submission such as metadata extractor, reference structuring, clean-up utilities and much more. We have also integrated PubMed and Crossref indexing and Crossref reference validation, which reduces the manual effort required for reference-related tasks.

Collaborative Editorial Experience

Authors, reviewers and editors work together on manuscripts in real time, facilitating efficient and effective communication and feedback.

Preprint Workflows

Nvcleus embraces the principles of open access, enabling widespread access to preprints, accelerating the pace of scientific discovery and facilitating constructive feedback from the global research community. By empowering researchers to share their work expediently and transparently, Nvcleus plays a vital role in advancing the publishing industry’s preprints workflow, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange on a global scale.

Multiple Review Models

Nvcleus enables publishers to use a number of different review models: open, blind, or double blind. Reviewers can have individual reviews or collaborate on a shared review. Review forms are customizable from within the browser.


Versioning is supported so that changes to a submission can be easily controlled.


Currently Nvcleus exports to PDF, JATS, XML, HTML Print PDF and INDD XML. A GraphQL API makes it possible to export Nvcleus’s data to other systems (such as PubMed, Crossref and FLAX) as needed.


Journal Managers users of Nvcleus have a dashboard that dynamically displays the progress of articles through the system.

Author and Reviewer Management

Nvcleus offers tools for managing authors and reviewers, allowing publishers and editors to track their activities, monitor their progress, and communicate with them efficiently.