Multichannel End-to-End Publishing Platform

Nvcleus’s technology platform is built to simplify the publishing process. Innovative technologies, combined with publishing expertise, deliver the tools for efficient, effective outcomes that delight authors, publishers and readers.

Nvcleus is built by Amnet on the open source technology

Unified Content Framework for Scalability and Automation

Unified Content Framework (UCF), is an innovative framework that offers a cohesive solution for every stage of the publishing journey—from content acquisition and production to seamless dissemination. Harnessing the power of purpose-driven services, fueled by NLP and deep learning technology, UCF ensures a fluid and streamlined publishing experience. This comprehensive suite of products encompasses a dynamic workflow management system, manuscript diagnostics for prescreening and structuring, collaborative editing, and pagination through a browser-based interface, culminating in Nvcleus.

Manuscript Auto-structuring

Upon manuscript/book submission, the AI-based platform identifies the different components of the manuscript: abstract, funding information, references, copyright statements, authors, author correspondence, and so on. It then prefills the submission form which eases the submission process, either by the author or the journal manager

Reference Structuring

Similar to manuscript structuring, this module helps to identify the components of the references such as authors, article name, year, volume, and page numbers, and tag them properly.

Reference Validation

This feature helps in validating the references against the Crossref database. If there is a direct match, the platform automatically inserts the DOI number corresponding to the reference. If the platform does not get a direct match, it will list the top-three partial matches based on the title in the reference, from which the users can select their choice and validate the same.

Floaters Linking

Our platform comes with a diagnostic report when references, images, or tables are not properly linked within the manuscript. It displays the list of references, tables, and figures that are not linked, and helps in linking these, thus reducing the time normally consumed for addressing there issues in the overall production process.

Copy Editing Utilities

With the help of an AI-based diagnostics tool, Nvcleus helps in identifying occurrences such as "No space after comma" and 30+ other similar issues through predefined rules and fixes them with just the click of a button

Single Source Publishing

Publishing workflows often suffer from disconnected content creation and production processes, which are ultimately costly in terms of time and efficiency. But single-source publishing offers a solution by maintaining a single source file throughout the entire publishing journey.


We support expanding the capabilities of the Nvcleus platform, enabling seamless integration with any application that has an API. This enhancement allows Nvcleus to connect and communicate with external systems, unlocking a wide range of possibilities for data exchange, automation, and enhanced functionality.

Expand Compatibility: Enable Nvcleus to integrate with a diverse range of applications, including popular software, services, and custom-built solutions, that expose APIs for integration purposes.

Streamline Workflows: Facilitate seamless data exchange and automation between Nvcleus and external applications, reducing manual effort, improving productivity, and eliminating data silos.

Enhance Functionality: Leverage the capabilities of external applications to enhance the functionality and features offered by Nvcleus, providing users with a more comprehensive and integrated experience.

Integration Features

Data Synchronization

Enable bi-directional data synchronization between Nvcleus and external applications, ensuring that relevant data remains up-to-date and consistent across systems.

Trigger-Based Actions

Define triggers within Nvcleus that initiate actions in external applications based on specified events or conditions, allowing for automated workflows and seamless process execution.

Data Retrieval and Display

Fetch data from external applications' APIs and display it within Nvcleus, providing users with a centralized view of information from multiple systems.

Action Execution

Utilize the APIs of external applications to execute actions directly from Nvcleus, enabling users to interact with external systems without leaving the Nvcleus platform.

Authentication and Security

Implement secure authentication mechanisms, such as OAuth, to establish secure connections between Nvcleus and external applications, ensuring data privacy and integrity.

Integration Management

Integration Monitoring: Implements monitoring and logging functionalities to track the status and performance of integrations, enabling users to identify and resolve any issues efficiently.

Error Handling and Notifications: Implements robust error handling mechanisms and notifications to alert users to integration failures or issues requiring attention.



“In the dynamic world of publishing, data is your compass, and Nvcleus equips you with a treasure trove of reporting statistics to navigate your journey with precision and confidence.”