Research Integrity in a Changing World

Panel Discussion

What to Expect from the Panel Discussion/Webinar?

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on “Research Integrity in a Changing World.” Explore the evolving landscape of research integrity and its impact on scholarly publishing. As we navigate through this crucial topic, we’ll explore the latest advancements, including the integration of AI and other emerging technologies, and their role in ensuring integrity in research and publication practices.

We are honored to host three distinguished speakers who will shed light on critical aspects of the publishing landscape:

Sven Fund

Senior Director at Knowledge Unlatched
Founder of ReviewerCredits
Managing Director at fullstopp

Oleg Ruchayskiy

Cofounder, Prophy Science
Professor of astroparticle physics, Niels Bohr Institute

Martin Delahunty

Director at Inspiring STEM Consulting

Publishing Advisor at Amnet 

Key Discussion Points

Importance of Research Integrity

Defining Publishing Integrity

Scholarly Publishing Risks

Authorship Transparency

Peer Review Ethics

AI in Research Integrity

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that promises to offer valuable insights into the future of scholarly publishing.