Amnet ContentSource Ltd launches Nvcleus Books

October 23

Amnet ContentSource Ltd proudly unveils Nvcleus Books, at the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair. Nvcleus Books with its digital-first, multi-channel platform is set to revolutionise the world of publishing.

Simply Publish with Nvcleus Books, leveraging cutting-edge AI-enabled automations, providing immense value to authors, editors, and production teams by significantly reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With Nvcleus Books, publishing becomes an effortless journey towards excellence.

16th October 2023

Introducing Nvcleus Books by Amnet—a cutting-edge web-based platform that streamlines the entire spectrum of publishing processes, seamlessly spanning from initial submission to final publication, all in real-time. This game-changing innovation simplifies what were once intricate, labor-intensive and expensive book publishing tasks, making them more efficient, faster, and cost-effective.

With Nvcleus Books, every facet of the publishing journey, including authoring, styling, reviewing, commentary, editing, and typesetting, unfolds effortlessly and concurrently through a user-friendly dashboard. The platform leverages cognitive technology and a modular collaborative framework built upon open-source technology from the esteemed Coko Foundation. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for publishers and authors alike. Experience the future of publishing with Nvcleus Books—a powerful and efficient solution for modern publishing needs.

The intuitive multi-role, permission-based dashboard of Nvcleus Books enables simplified interactions between stakeholders during production and editorial processes. With a modular range of editorial templates and tools, version control, and a variety of styling options, authors, editors and production teams can quickly create high quality, rich content. Publishing teams can enjoy the benefits of efficient workflows, in-built word processing and simple output to common formats.

Nvcleus Books:

  • Digital-first workflows for improved flexibility of the production process.
  • Modular, scalable and flexible.
  • Truly single source maintaining the integrity, structure of the content and accelerating production.
  • Navigation is a breeze, allowing authors, editors, and production staff to effortlessly handle manuscript submission, styling, reviewing, editing, typesetting, and overall manuscript management.
  • User-centric design requires minimal technical expertise.
  • Utilizes advanced cognitive technology, including machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.
  • Benefits from inbuilt Word processor for easy production of the perfect finished publication
  • Provides high-quality production services, such as copyediting, typesetting, and proofreading, to ensure the final published articles are error-free and of high quality.
  • Offers layout with HTML pagination through Paged.js and full content preview for corrections.
  • Exports to PDF, ePub, ICML, and BITS XML seamlessly from a single HTML source.
  • Supports Print on Demand – typeset and download as a PDF with a single click.
  • Interoperable with a wide range of supporting publishing systems.
  • Benefits from the partnership of commercial expertise and open-source code development with the Coko Foundation.

“Our customers’ needs steer our motivations, and efficiency without compromise is a priority. With Nvcleus Books following the highly successful launch of Nvcleus Journals, we can further assist our clients around the globe to improve their ROI from workflow automation and know-how, and we are delighted to be passing this on to their benefit. We understand publishing, we have experts working on simplifying publishing technology, and we are proud that Nvcleus is the result,” said Venu Prasad Menon, MD, Amnet ContentSource.

Nvcleus Books is available in scalable configurations to suit Enterprise, Open Access Publishers, and other engagement models, such as platform as a service and managed services, with a ‘no coding’ deployment via its intuitive 100% cloud-based dashboards. Collaborative to the core, Nvcleus is modular, flexible, and easy to implement.

Nvcleus Books follows the launch of the highly successful Nvcleus Journals, available since April 2023 and currently deployed within large academic communities.

To find out more about Nvcleus, including a full list of features, their benefits, and a demonstration, visit Amnet at the Frankfurt Book Fair 18–20 October 2023 hall 4 stand H70.

Alternatively, visit

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