Are fragmented, inefficient, and outdated publishing processes letting you down?

Discover Nvcleus:

Streamlined, collaborative, end-to-end platform for journals, books, and other publishing workflows.

Nvcleus: The Core of Publishing Innovation

Nvcleus is the foundation on which content enablement is built. It offers tools to help innovators optimise their outputs, connecting them with the resources they need to succeed.

Nvcleus: The Core of Publishing Innovation

The core technology of Nvcleus provides for efficiency, integrity and assured quality outcomes.

Single Source

A single, concurrent format is maintained at all times, eliminating the risk of multiple versions.

Open Source-Based

Built on an open source-based platform for scalable, cost-effective, and future-proof solutions.


Real-time updates as your team contributes to the publishing process.

AI and Cognitive Intelligence

Technology assisted structuring and diagnostics assist throughout the publishing process.

Automated Processes

Automations for streamlined production processes.

Configurable Workflow

Our intuitive dashboard can be configured to your precise requirements.


With our multi-tenancy solution, you can manage all your projects in a single installation.

Multiformat Output

Export to all common formats, as well as open integrations with third-party applications.

Cost Savings

Faster processes and real-time collaboration cut time to market and associated costs.

Authors, editors, and production teams collaborate in Nvcleus Books for a fast, efficient, and quality-assured route to take the publication to its readers.

Built for Authors

With easy-upload, editing tools, and real-time versioning, and communications, see your manuscript progress to publication in no time.

Built for Editors

Editing is more efficient with the AI auto-suggestion engine and modern formatting tools.

Built for Production

Templates, styling, and wider production processes are available at the click of a button.

Authors, editors, peer reviewers, and production teams collaborate in Nvcleus Journals for a fast, efficient and quality assured route to disseminate research quickly.

Built for Authors

Easy one-click submission and fully visible review dashboards, expedite the submission to publication process.

Built for Editors

Make editing more efficient with the AI auto-suggestions engine and modern formatting tools.

Built for Peer Reviewers

Select reviewers and communicate with versioning in real time.

Built for Production

Simple export to common standard formats.

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