Introducing Nvcleus

Built on the industry leading Open Source technology of the Coko Foundation for lower Total Cost of Ownership and flexibility, Nvcleus seamlessly takes the publication from manuscript to reader in a highly efficient manner.

Are you struggling with manual, time-consuming,

unnecessarily repetitive tasks ?

Single and intuitive dashboard

Task automation

Cognitive Technology

Collaborative editorial experience

Real time updates

A complete and efficient publishing platform:

content submission, peer review, production and distribution

Easy to use and collaborate

Cognitive Technology

Open Source and Integration-ready

Import, export and conversion

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Amnet and Coko Foundation

The Amnet-Coko Advantage

Expand Reach

Optimize Cost

Enhance Publishing

Amnet and the Coko Foundation have collaborated to advance multi channel publishing and streamline content delivery for publishers. Together, Amnet and Coko have developed transformative single-source production workflows to create, manage, and distribute academic and STEM content like journals, preprints, micropublishing, research, and open science publishing.

Our collaboration is aimed at accelerating digital-first adoption and modernizing publishing for multichannel delivery and expanding the reach.

Nvcleus Engagement Models

Platform as a Service

Setting up the platform and its maintenance with a minimum handling fee.

Nvcleus for Enterprises

Customized plans for the client’s specific requirements.

Managed Services Model

Managing all activities on behalf of the client, from content acquisition to publishing to onboarding to submission to peer review acceptance, and editorial management.

Nvcleus for Open Access Publishers

Offering a range of services specific to open access publishers and includes hosting.